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How to download videos

Copy link in application
Copy link on video in tiktok app
Paste link to input
Paste link into link input
Press button "Download"
Click download button

Attention: make sure that link has one of next formats:

Download tik toks you like without watermark and tik tok signs on any device that you choose

Qload.info - one of the best online TikTok Downloader applications, available for saving Tik Tok videos without watermarks. Now you don't need to install any special programs on your computer or mobile phone. All you need is a link from Tik Tok video - we will make all other operations! That's why you can download tik tok video online on your device in just two clicks

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What is the difference of our service from others?

  • You download tiktok video without watermark and author signs. That couldn't be made by other services.
  • Unlimited downloads and totally free!
  • The most convenient and simple instructions of download tik toks to iPhone, Android, and computer

How to copy the link from the TikTok video?

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Choose video you want to download
  • Click "Share" and click "Link" in opened "Share" view

Congratulations, you are copied the link!

Where do the videos from TikTok get after downloading?

Downloaded videos are saved in folder, that was selected by default in the browser settings. But you can select another folder in the browser settings, which will be used for downloading.

Does Qload saves downloaded videos or keeps their copies?

No, our service doesn’t keep videos you downloaded and their copies. In addition, we don’t track the download history of our users. This makes using Qload completely anonymous and safe.

Do I need to install any programs and extensions?

Absolutely no. Our goal is to make our service as user-friendly as it possible. All you need are links from Tik Tok videos.

Is TikTok video downloader a paid app?

No, our service is completely free. Besides it is unlimited in time.

Can I download Tik Tok video to my Android phone?

Of course! Our app provides the ability for downloading tik tok videos without watermark to Android and IOS.

How to download tiktok video on Android:

  • Copy link in TikTok app
  • Go to our website in browser qload
  • Put the link into link input and click "Download"

You've got the video!

More information is here

How to save TikTok video to gallery on IPhone?

How to download tik tok video on Apple device:

  • At first make sure that the version of iOS in your gadget is 13 or more,if not you will have to download special application Documents by Readdle
  • Copy the link to the video in the Tik Tok app
  • Go to our website in browser qload
    Important! If the IOS version is less than 13, you must enter the browser through the previously downloaded Documents by Readdle application Documents by Readdle
  • Paste the link into the input field on qload.info and press the button "Download"

Fine! You got the video!

More information you can find here

Detailed instructions with pictures of how to download and save video in gallery is here

How to download video from TikTok without watermark?

Tell you about the easiest and fastest way. Remember that!
  • Copy link to video in TikTok app
  • Next put copied link into browser address field.
  • Place letter "q" before the "tiktok" word in link

Download will start after following a link!

We try to make our service more simple and comfortable for users! If you have questions or suggestions, please write us: email

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A few words about TikTok

Tik Tok is a young but already rather popular social network which has currently found more than 800 million users in more than 150 countries in the world.

But what is its phenomenon and why do we need these videos?

Now the most popular type of content are video and interactive, while TikTok combines both. It allows you to create short creative videos using various effects, filters, masks, stickers, to participate in challenges, to find cool tracks, to chat with interesting people and of course to save tik tok videos. Just for this our TikTok Downloader qload.info was created. When you download tiktok video, you get it in a good quality, without attribution and watermarks.

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